Tips For Sensitive Teeth

Both literally and figuratively, sensitive teeth can be a real pain in the... well, teeth actually. Not only do some sufferers of tooth sensitivity have to avoid cold foods and iced drinks but also hot food and drink can cause the dreadful shooting pains with which sufferers of sensitive teeth are all to familiar. What you may not know is that, by choosing the right teeth whitening kits even the most sensitive teeth can look their very whitest, brightest and best.

Tooth sensitivity can be caused in a number of ways. If you can identify what the root cause of your tooth sensitivity might be then choosing the teeth whitening kits that will not further irritate and exacerbate the problem while giving great whitening results will be that much easier. In certain instances the proper use of whitening kits may lead to a reduction in teeth sensitivity symptoms.

By far and away, the most common cause of sensitivity in the teeth is overly enthusiastic or too frequent tooth brushing. Obviously one brushes one's teeth to keep them clean but also to aid teeth whitening. Using high quality and effective teeth whitening products will give you amazing whitening results without the need for excessive, potentially damaging teeth brushing.

The second major cause of teeth sensitivity is gum disease. Gum disease is caused by bacteria and, of course, every day tooth brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antibacterial mouth wash are your first line of defence against these mouth invaders. Regular visits to your dentist are also essential but whitening can also help. Of course, white teeth cannot, by their very nature, be dirty teeth and whitening products can help destroy the bacteria that causes gum disease even at the level of the gum line...and of course sparkling white teeth are just an added bonus!

Choose the right formulation of product. Whitening products come in a whole range of formulations to suit your teeth, the texture of teeth whitening product you prefer and even the flavour of the product. If you are experiencing sensitive teeth - an issue which can be an on-going or short term problem - then abrasive tooth pastes and tooth whitening products are best avoided even though they can give fantastic whitening results. Instead, it would be best to opt for whitening products with smooth textures such as teeth whitening gels. While these silky smooth whitening gels do not have the same texture as other whitening formulations they certainly deliver when it comes to tooth whitening results. Teeth whitening gels are always a popular choice for individuals who want great tooth whitening whether or not they suffer from the sometimes excruciating pain of sensitive teeth.

Use tooth whitening products in conjunction with products specially designed to minimise the pain of tooth sensitivity then you can start to relax as a whole host of hot and cold food and drink choices become available to you once more safe in the knowledge they won't cause you pain and, whatever colour they are, your teeth's whiteness can be restored.

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